Tokyo? Unfortunately only the restaurant in my town, not the country. As you obviously can notice from the title of this blog, yeah, I love sushi. I really want to go to tokyo one day and try out all kinds of authentic sushi and other Japanese dishes. It is my dream to visit the restaurant of 小野 二郎 aka Jiro Ono, star of the best food documentary I have seen, “Jiro Dreams of Sushi“.

Until then, I will be trying out lots of Sushi restaurants nearby. I have been to the restaurant Tokyo twice now. It was always good (despite that the owner and sushi-maker is Vietnamese).

Last time I went there with my friend, we ordered two different kinds of sushi plates including miso soup as starter and ice cream as dessert. The box on the upper right is a sake cocktail. It was gooood.

tokyo(I edited the picture with the LINE Camera App..hahaha)

bánh cuốn

Besides Phở bò I think bánh cuốn is my favorite Vietnamese dish. It is a kind of thin pancake made from rice and tapioca flour, water and oil typically filled with fried minced meat, onion or shallots and wood ear mushroom.
As side dish you can serve sliced giò lụa (Vietnamese sausage), bean sprouts, herbs, sliced carrots and toasted peanuts or onion. Bánh cuốn is eaten with nước chấm, a Vietnamese sauce made from fish sauce, sugar and lime.

banh cuon

It is an easy dish. There are bánh cuốn-mixes at Asian supermarkets available but homemade batter is the best.

Here’s a simple recipe for the batter I got from my mom:

200g rice flour
200g tapicoa flour
1 liter water
1 tbsp vegetable oil
pinch of salt

Mix it all together well and bake it in a preheated pan (like you make crêpes). There is no need to roll it over.

When it’s done, place it on a well-oiled plate, put the fillings ontop and roll it (caution: might get a bit hot for your fingers). For the filling, I simply fry minced pork with shallots, wood’s ear mushroom in a pot and season it with soy sauce, pinch of salt and pepper.

Simple, no? And verrrry tasty.


It is a very late “first time ever”.

I heard a lot of good things about In-N-Out Burgers but I never had the chance to go there since there’s no In-N-Out nearby. So, my lovely cousins took me there when I was in San Diego the other time. In-N-Out doesn’t have dozens of fancy burgers like at Mc Donald’s or Burgerking. Only the traditional hamburger, cheeseburger, a double hamburger and a handfull specials. They prepare the burger only after you order it. Sure, you have to wait until it’s done but it taste so much better eating a freshly made burger than a pre-made (and rather lukewarm) burger as at other fast food restaurants.


I had a cheeseburger and shared animal style fries with one of my cousins. It was soooooooo good. My little monkey was entraled by In-n-out, too. ;)

Thank you, Vince, Nessa, Sean and Toneee!!! <3