cooking with friends

I really like cooking together with friends or going out for dinner with them. It never gets boring.

Yesterday my thai friends were preparing a delicious meal.


They cooked braised pork, Yam Wunn Senn (glassnoodle salad) and Ohm (some kind of stew). It was so good. We probably ate more than we should. I still was feeling full when I woke up the next morning.

For dessert, I brought lemony panna cotta with peach-banana-sauce. But I forgot to take a picture of it. (T ^ T)

food blogs

I love browsing through the internet and look for inspiring food blogs with tons of good recipes. This time I found two nice blogs about authentic Thai food. It’s and

There a lot of recipes on the blogs for dishes and sweets my mom sometimes makes. To me, they always seemed too complicated or “troublesome” to make, so I always had my mom make them for me. Haha.. :)

But some dishes are not as complicated as I thought. So I bookmarked lots of recipes, i.e. Nam Wan Tao Suarn (Yellow Bean Pudding) or Kanom Buw Loy (Rice Balls in Coconut Milk), and I will definitely try them out.

For Korean recipes I am very fond of Maangchi but has also a lot of great recipes. Especially the easy recipe for Korean Chicken looks great.

If you have any blog-recommendations, please leave me a comment any time. :)