extraordinary desserts

It’s been a while since I posted something about desserts. Now it’s time for extraordinary desserts.

My friend Becca told me about a cafΓ©/bakery named Extraordinary Desserts in San Diego near Balboa Park. They have this beautiful cakes, scones and cookies. The cakes are decorated so wonderfully it’s almost a shame to eat them.


I thought I buy something to share it with my family, my aunties and uncles. I decided to take a blood orange ricotta cake and some strawberry and blueberry scones. I left a little fortune at the shop but the cake was worth it. The cake was fresh and juicy, and the scones were great.

Unfortunately, I learnt that my aunts and uncles do not have a sweeth tooth like me. I think half of the cake went to waste. I couldn’t eat it all by myself. :(

chinese noodles

One day, my uncle took us out for lunch at a Chinese restaurant which he said had the best noodle soup with duck. I have eaten lots of noodle soups with duck before but never had such a big amount of crispy duck in/with it before. Usually, they just put a few pieces of duck into the soup and mostly those parts with bones. This time they served the noodle soup with half a duck.

duck noodle soup

My dad decided to order crispy noodles with vegetables and beef. The noodles were a bit hard to eat. My dad had to ask for a scissor but it was a good sign for the crispiness of the noodles.

mi grob

phil’s bbq

After a nice walk at Sunset Cliffs in San Diego, my cousin Tony took my parents and me to the best barbeque restaurant ever: Phil’s BBQ.

We ordered a set of baby back ribs with corn-on-the-cob and potato salad as side dish and my cousin had an El Toro Sandwich. I thought it was not enough food for four people, so I ordered a portion of small fries and onion rings.

(Nope, little Panda is not edible.)

Small portion of fries? If you have an appetite of a grizzly bear! We couldn’t finish those crispy little fellows. But we finished the crispiest onion rings I have ever eaten. A bite feels like a small earthquake in your mouth. Sooo tasty. The potato salad was delicious, too. Normally I don’t like potato salad with mayo and joghurt because it feels heavy in your stomach. But Phil’s potato salad tasted fresh and light. And the ribs? It was so sooooooo tender. I think Elvis was thinking about those ribs when he sang “Love me tender”. And it was more than the word “delicious” can express!

I still dream of it.