fortune cookie

Again? Well, this time I just wanted to share the message of my recent fortune cookie. :)

fortune cookie

“Great thoughts come from the heart.”

homemade food

In Vancouver, we didn’t eat outside all the time. My dads’ friends made super delicious homemade food for us, too.


At the day before we left our hosts made blueberry muffins (as provisions for our journey home), bì cuốn and 火锅 (Chinese hot pot) for dinner.

After I saw the picture of bì cuốn, I have to revise my previous posts. Besides phở bò bì cuốn is my favorite Vietnamese dish. Then comes bánh cuốn and bánh xèo. Hehehe.

Bì cuốn (aka summer rolls) is a light and healthy dish. So easy and fast to make. There are so many variations, e.g. shredded pork, pork skin and herbs or shrimps with salad, shredded carrot and herbs, some people put pineapples or avocado in it. You only need rice paper (dipped in lukewarm water), salad and herbs of your choice as well as (marinated) meat of your choice. Like bánh cuốn and bánh xèo, you typically eat bì cuốn with nước chấm.

Thanks a lot, ຕາດຳ and family! <3


What happened after the trip to the Capilano Suspension Bridge Park?

My dad’s friends took us to another restaurant, of course. XD I just started to feel a little more comfortable after taking a walk but they wanted to invite us to a seafood restaurant for dinner.


It was a Chinese restaurant where you could chose the crab and lobster you wanted to eat in an aquarium. My dad’s friends chose the crabs and menue for us. So, I have no clue how each dish is called. As a starter, we have fried meat on lettuce, then a seafood hotpot, deep-fried oyster on vegatables and some meat on pak choi.