mother’s day

Since mother’s day is coming up, I was looking for a new cake recipe or new ideas to surprise my mum. I stumbled upon a food blog by Bing. I like her headline very much: Live to eat. (^____^) It’s a bit sad that she hasn’t posted any recipe most recently.

Her idea of a Strawberry Jelly Hearts Cheesecake looks great:

(Courtesy of

It seems very simple and quick to make.

Also, there is a website called yummly with millions of recipes from all over the world everyone probably knew before..but me. Hahaha..

I found a Red Velvet Sheet Cake recipe via yummly which would look very nice, too. Especially if cut out as a giant heart or something like that (*cheesy*).

(Courtesy of

Another great idea is this super-duper cake on evan’s kitchen ramblings: click here to see it. Too bad there is no recipe.

The blog is really great. Many recipes (cake & bake) and great pictures.

Aaaah…I could browse for recipes all day and night..ヾ(≧▽≦)ノ


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