menue for my sis’ visit

My sister is coming to visit me! I need ideas! \(>o<)/

I was thinking of making down-to-earth homemade food like Japanese Korokke コロッケ (Potato Croquette) with salad. You can find good recipes on websites such as Just One Cookbook or Sumo Kitchen, also on my favorite YouTube Food-Channels (Cooking with dog, runnyrunny999, Ochikeron).

Another idea might be Korean Kimchi Bokkeumbap 김치 볶음밥 (Fried Rice with Kimchi) with some side dishes like Yeongeun Jorim 연근조림, since I made Kimchi last week.

As dessert I could make Coconut Jelly. I found interesting ones on the website Appon’s Thai Food. There are many different authentic Thai recipes you won’t find in regular cookbooks. Check out:

Any other ideas?


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