water of youth

As soon as pictures of a celebrity drinking coconut water was published, a hype started. Every celebrity and non-celebrity is drinking it now, and its popularity is still growing. There are different kinds of coconut water on the market – with added vitamins and electrolytes etc. claiming to boost your health and youth.

Coconut water is nothing new, no rocket science. They have been drinking it in Asia and Caribic islands (and elsewhere) for years, decades, centuries. Fresh coconut juice from young, green coconuts without any sugar added sure is very refreshing and delicious (and it’s fun to scratch the soft coconut meat from the shell).

I have no clue why it is booming and so high-praised right now. It sure is healthy, has a lot of vitamins and essential elements in it. But other fruits and vegetable has them, too. (If you want to know more about coconut water, The New York Times has a great article.)

I always liked drinking fresh coconut water every now and then. Maybe that’s why I still look so young and fresh. 😉 Another “water of my youth” is soymilk. I love drinking soymilk with grass jelly. It is also very refreshing and healthy. It has lots of proteins, vitamins and minerals. My mom used to make homemade soymilk, but you can also get it in every supermarket.



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