It is a very late “first time ever”.

I heard a lot of good things about In-N-Out Burgers but I never had the chance to go there since there’s no In-N-Out nearby. So, my lovely cousins took me there when I was in San Diego the other time. In-N-Out doesn’t have dozens of fancy burgers like at Mc Donald’s or Burgerking. Only the traditional hamburger, cheeseburger, a double hamburger and a handfull specials. They prepare the burger only after you order it. Sure, you have to wait until it’s done but it taste so much better eating a freshly made burger than a pre-made (and rather lukewarm) burger as at other fast food restaurants.


I had a cheeseburger and shared animal style fries with one of my cousins. It was soooooooo good. My little monkey was entraled by In-n-out, too. 😉

Thank you, Vince, Nessa, Sean and Toneee!!! ❤


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