bánh cuốn

Besides Phở bò I think bánh cuốn is my favorite Vietnamese dish. It is a kind of thin pancake made from rice and tapioca flour, water and oil typically filled with fried minced meat, onion or shallots and wood ear mushroom.
As side dish you can serve sliced giò lụa (Vietnamese sausage), bean sprouts, herbs, sliced carrots and toasted peanuts or onion. Bánh cuốn is eaten with nước chấm, a Vietnamese sauce made from fish sauce, sugar and lime.

banh cuon

It is an easy dish. There are bánh cuốn-mixes at Asian supermarkets available but homemade batter is the best.

Here’s a simple recipe for the batter I got from my mom:

200g rice flour
200g tapicoa flour
1 liter water
1 tbsp vegetable oil
pinch of salt

Mix it all together well and bake it in a preheated pan (like you make crêpes). There is no need to roll it over.

When it’s done, place it on a well-oiled plate, put the fillings ontop and roll it (caution: might get a bit hot for your fingers). For the filling, I simply fry minced pork with shallots, wood’s ear mushroom in a pot and season it with soy sauce, pinch of salt and pepper.

Simple, no? And verrrry tasty.


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