Great creator of Hodad’s, I love you.

Hodad’s – home of the best burgers.

“My milkshake brings all the people to the yard, and they’re like it’s better than yours.” Sorry, Kelis. I meant Hodad’s, not your milkshake. XD

I could go on forever. But I should better tell you a bit more about those juicy and delicious burgers from Hodad’s. So far, I have only been to Hodad’s at Ocean Beach. The interior is really cool. There’s a front part of a car re-designed to a seat and table for two people (kids love it) and old number plates from all over the world are on the walls. Hodad’s menue include three different sizes of hamburger and cheeseburger with(out) bacon and five special burgers, fries, potato wedges, onion rings and milkshakes.


My sis, my two cousins and me were all ordering a burger and a milkshake each and shared a basket of potato wedges and onion rings. I had a single bacon burger and was fighting heavily to finish that tasty monster. I couldn’t stop eating this juicy, savory and delicious burger but my stomach was rebelling. My cousin wisely ordered a mini burger but still had to grip it tight with two hands and lost the battle in the end. We could hardly eat any of the wedges and onion rings and had to pack the rest for home. The onion rings were good but not as crispy and tasty as at Phil’s BBQ (sorry, Hodad’s).

But the burgers were exceptionally good as well as the milkshakes. Especially the milkshakes!

Gigantic milkshake. Real ice cream. At loss for words.


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