It is almost time for christmas staff parties and time to recollect past parties. This dinner happened already two years ago. We had taxi cabs drive us to a small hut in the middle of nowhere. I seriously have no clue which city area or rather which wood it was. It took more than an hour to get there and it was too dark outside to recognize anything.

The hut was very cozy and the waiters were very charming. We had champagne and tarte flambée as appetizer during the welcome-speech of my boss.


We started our christmas dinner with a soup. I thought it was a mushroom soup but some of my colleagues said it was white tomatoe soup. Either way, it was okay. As entree we had goat cheese in puffpaste with salad and an edible orchid flower. The main course was roasted duck with green beans and potatoes. I was very disappointed by the duck. It was not crispy at all and tasted rather insipid. For dessert, we had hot chocolate cake, raspberry ice cream and crème brûlée. I wasn’t so fond of the crème brûlée and exchanged it for another cake with my colleague. After a short ramble to the nearby pond and a few shots of schnaps the restaurant made themself, we had coffee and freshly baked madeleines.

Overall a solid menue and lots of booze. We had fun! 😉



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