homemade gyoza

After I got inspired by my friends to try make 餃子 gyoza at home, I bought all ingredients to tackle the “challenge”. I followed the recipe by cooking with dog like my friends did. First I had trouble to find the Japanese gyoza skin and used Chinese dumplin skins instead. The gyoza turned out a bit chewy since the dumpling skin is slightly thicker than gyoza skin. The second time I made gyoza, I used Korean 만두 mandu skin as substitute and they turned out better. I recently spotted a supermarket which sells Japanese gyoza skin. Never thought it was so hard to find gyoza skin. I could make the skins myself, too. They are not hard to make. My mom always makes the jiaozi skin herself, too. But I find it too troublesome to prepare the dough for only one person’s serving.


I think they turned out well. 🙂


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