Another great dish to warm yourself up when it’s cold outside is すき焼き sukiyaki. There are actually different kinds of なべ物 nabemono (Japanese hotpots). In each region in Japan they have their own nabe-styles. You might also have heard of しゃぶしゃぶ shabu shabu or the Chinese version 火锅 hotpot. They all different in the ingredients, spices and herbs the soup is cooked, also from the ingredients you put into the soup to eat.

I ususally eat it all year around but especially on christmas. Besides jiaozi suki yaki became part of our christmas tradition. I don’t think we eat authentic Japanese sukiyaki. We just call it sukiyaki. XD


We usually put in celery, tofu, chinese cabbage, spinach, pak choi, mushrooms, beef, shrimps, squid in it as well as rice noodles, glassnoodles or udon noodles. Sometimes even an egg. My mom always makes a tasty sukiyaki sauce from red tofu and peanutbutter.


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