carrot salad

If you like Thai or Lao food, you probably have tried ส้มตำ green papaya salad before. If you didn’t, go to the next Thai restaurant and try it!

It is a salad with slivered green papaya (not ripe yet), tomatos and roasted peanuts. Some recipes add dried shrimps, some crabs and other add green long beans. You can vary the recipe and use carrot or cucumber instead of green papaya – or mix it altogether.

I like making Thai/Lao carrot salad. Carrots are way easier to find and cheaper. It also taste verrrry delicious.

Photo 10.11.12 17 29 49

When I make carrot salad, I don’t use a certain recipe or exactly measured ingredients. I just mix everything together and adjust it to my taste. The main ingredients are:

slivered carrot or green papaya
garlic cloves
fish sauce
lemon or lime juice
optional: cucumber, roasted peanuts, dried shrimps, green long bean

I pound the garlic clove with sugar in a ครก Thai mortar, add fishsauce and lemon juice, mix it well and taste it. If the mixture is good, I add the rest of the ingredients. Yumm!

As you can see at the picture, I am so fond of carrots that I have a carrot-plushie. 😀


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