food blogging

While searching for new recipes and inspiration, I browsed through a few food blogs. They are so many very nicely designed ones, the pictures look so professional and their articles and recipes are interesting.

I also started to notice that more and more of those food blogs have an extra section about “how to make money with food blogs” or “become a professional food blogger”, e.g. food blogger pro or the cookie rookie. I did read those tips and also thought about getting my own domain bla bla.. It’s a hype already..all those fashion blogger, instagramer or youtubers becoming rich and famous.

Sure, it would be nice to earn money but posting a few recipes or pics about food and maybe having more readers. But then again.. I like just sharing the food I cooked or baked or bought in a restaurant just now and then without any pressure. 🙂

PS: If there is anyone willing to give me money for my blog, I won’t say “no”. HAhahAha..


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