gỏi cuốn

Springtime! Soon, it will be so warm outside that people have bbq parties, again. I especially like bbq in context to gỏi cuốn (or nem cuốn or bánh tráng cuốn).

It is a Vietnamese dish with lots of fresh salad, herbs and vegetables, bún (rice vermicelli) and barbequed meat or shrimps. Everything is put together or rather rolled into bánh tráng (rice paper). That’s why it is called summerrolls in English, or some even call them luckyrolls. Gỏi cuốn is eaten with nước chấm or hoisin sauce.


There is actually no need for a recipe because you can basically put all ingredients together and you can vary in the types of ingredients, some add pineapples or mangoes (not ripe) in it. Basic ingredients are:

bánh tráng (rice paper)
bún (rice vermicelli)
herbs (coriander, peppermint, perilla and/or thai basil, chives)
slivered cucumber
soybean sprouts
slivered carrot
barbequed meat or shrimps

If you prefer a recipe, The Guardian has published a good one. Please click here.

It is very easy to make and verrrrrrrrrry delicious. Also, it is fun rolling and eating them together with friends – all year round.


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