rum party

When my sis flew to the Caribbean Islands last year, I was kinda disappointed that I only got banana chips as souvenir. But now I am totally happy since I had my share of Caribbean rum, rum cake and chocolate filled with rum. And it was sooooooo good!

caribbean rum

Actually, I don’t like rum. Everytime I tried it I woke up with headaches the next morning but the English Harbour Antigua Rum was different and really delicious. Also, I usually do not like the mixture of chocolate and alcohol or chili but that choc filled with rum was so good. Never knew rum could be so tasty.

And the Tortuga rum cake is so savory and fluffy, I could have eaten the whole cake on my own. I already search for recipes to bake it at home. 🙂

Now I want to be a pirate, arrrr!


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