controlling the horror

Years ago my doc told me to stop eating sushi for a while (oh horror!). Why?

Well, it started during childhood. Somewhen people noticed that my neck/throat was kind of “swollen”. Due to hyperthyoidism the size my thyroid gland was bigger than it should normally be. Other than the enlargement of the thyroid, I never noticed the other symptoms of the disease. As a (pre)teen, losing babyfat was normal, also sleeping problems, anxiety or hair loss seemed normal since I was entering puberty. With the help of proper medication, my thyroid grew back to a normal size and the disease seemed under control. I was lucky, in some cases surgery is inevitable.

Since then I went to yearly checkups and around 3 years ago, my doc noticed that my thyroid was obstreperous, again. This time it is more like an inflammation of the thyroid and too much iodine should be avoided – so, less sushi for me. 😦

Recently, I talked to someone about this topic and he did not seem to understand the significance of the disease or the health risks. He said, he would like to have hyperthyoidism so he could eat as much as he liked without gaining weight. I also heard about teens using thyroid medication as a diet. This is so stupid and very dangerous!

A thyroid out of sync can have severe consequences. TED published a very good video which explains the functions of a thyroid very well:

I still have to take medication and probably will all my life as well as going to checkups regularly. Please make sure your thryoid and metabolism is in balance!


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