In line of the monthly dinner-dates with my two friends to try out new restaurants and flavors, we faced a few (positive) diffculties. One of my friend just completed her traineeship and the other one was busy working and then busy enjoying her vacation. So the last time, we met at a restaurant was at a vietnamese restaurant almost three months ago (although, i recently wrote about it).

In midst of May, we saw each other at my friend’s home where she cooked for us (≠ actual dinner-plan) and we wanted to meet up again at a restaurant a months ago. But in addition to my friend’s exam preparation period, she revealed that she is going to marry in July AND that she is pregnant. Yippie! 🙂

To cut a long story short: I met with just one friend for dinner at a new restaurant.


My friend ordered an asparangus soup for starters, I wasn’t too hungry and didn’t order anything besides my main dish. Unfortunately, the soup took so long that my friend started eating her soup right away (no picture) and I eat all of the bread that came with the soup. As main course, I had grilled salmon filet in sage-butter, mixed vegetables and spinach in puff pastry (picture on the left) and my friend had a vegan burger with salad (picture on the right).

The food was very delicious but we could only enjoy it halfway. We were already too stuffed with soup and bread. :-/



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