food cravings

Maybe it was because of PMS or because two of my friends are pregnant (empathy) that I had a really, really weird food craving the other day. Suddenly, I wanted a pizza with hotdog sausages, ketchup and mayonnaise. That is a weird combination but I tried it before and it was tasty. Of course, no real Italian restaurant offers this kind of pizza, especially not the Italian restaurant around the corner. So, I wanted to settle it with a pizza with sauce bolognese.

“Unfortunately” at home I found grilled vegetables with feta cheese and rocket salad in my fridge and put it ontop of the pizza. To make things worse (or tastier) I even put ketchup and sweet chili sauce on the pizza. XD

When I told my sister about this pizza, she was so shocked. Hahaha..but it tasted very good. I most probably won’t made this kind of pizza again but I am richer by one more experience. 😉


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