café paris

On our last evening together, my sister and me ate out at a French café or bistro. It is a very charming bistro, always fully-booked and due to that a little bit noisy. Next to their regular menu they also offer 3-4 specials.

I was hoping they would have mussels that evening. My sister told me so much about it that I really wanted to try them. But of course (just my luck), they didn’t have any mussels. However, my sister and me shared a tartare du chef served with baguette and fries and a entrecôte with salad and fries.

I had half of the tartare first, then half of the steak. The tartare was spiced very well, so fresh and light – very suitable as “entree” for the juicy entrecôte. I could have eaten both dishes all on my own, it was so delightful but since my sister was paying for the food, I let her have one or two bites. 😉


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