wedding no. 3

Congratulations, my penguin-friend! I hope you will have a happy marriage and live happily ever after. ❤

My friend had a civil marriage on a beautiful sunny day. We had lunch buffet at a Chinese restaurant together. Since the wedding ceremony took place very early in the morning, we were all starving. This is just one of three (!) plates I had at the restaurant. The Chinese dishes were Szechuan-style. It was good but I have to admit that I don’t like Szechuan cuisine that much.

In the afternoon, there was a cake buffet at her home with delicious Philippine cakes:


Her aunt-in-law made a marvelous wedding cake with layered pandan cake and layered chocolate cake. Very tasty!

In the evening, the feast continued with a food catering prepared by her sister-in-law and her husband:

Unfortunately, I was too full with cake. I couldn’t eat any dinner. 😦



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