bánh xèo

When talking about my favorite Vietnamese food, I thought I already posted about the dish called bánh xèo but it seems I just mentioned it in passing.

Everytime I visit my sister, she makes me cook for her (although I am the guest XD). Once I cooked bánh cuốn for her. Since it didn’t turn out so well I didn’t talked about it. Hahaha.. Last time I visited my sister, I had to make bánh xèo for her. Bánh xèo is a Vietnamese pancake or rather crêpe with minced meat filling. It is very simple to make and yet very delicious and refreshing.

In terms of filling, you can vary it from only minced meat, (green) onion and bean sprouts to adding shrimp, chilies and fresh herbs. I tried something new and put an fresh egg in the bánh xèo on the right side. 🙂

We always eat bánh xèo with nước chấm and peanuts on top. Onomom!


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