It is rare for me to celebrate my birthday. This year I even celebrated it twice. Since I moved houses, I combined it with my housewarming and invited some friends over. My actual birthday was a few days prior to the housewarming/birthday party. On that day, I went to a Japanese restaurant with two lovely friends and celebrated it with sushi and sake.

As starters we had 味噌汁 miso soup, 揚げ出し豆腐 fried silk tofu in soy sauce and 菠薐草のゴマ和え spinach in sesame sauce. (I forgot to take a picture of the miso soup.)


As main dish one of my friends and me had mixed 寿司 sushi and my other friend had 鮭の照り焼き teriyaki salmon. To complete our menu, we had 小豆アイスクリーム red bean ice cream, 黒ゴマのアイスクリーム black sesame ice cream and ごま団子sesame rice balls with red bean filling.

And 酒 sake. I think, it was our first time drinking warm sake. The waiter was shocked when we ordered three bottles of sake. We had no idea how much 0.1 ml would be. XD

In the end, we just ordered one bottle for the three of us and that was enough for a first sip. 🙂