laotian christmas feast

Instead of turkey or goose for christmas, we had a laotian-style bbq-feast.

We had grilled pork belly, fish and beef with salad, herbs, kimchi and other veggies.

It was very delicious! 😋


lao-style bbq

It’s November now, the weather is getting colder. But even with snow laying outside, you still have a nice barbeque at home. My parents have an electric grill to table use. It works a bit different than normal bbqs.


We put lots of vegetables such as mushrooms, green beans, bell pepper, onions, white cabbage, zucchini as well as sliced chicken and beef on the buttered grill. Is the meat or the veggies done, we dip it in nước chấm before eating. Or: we put it on a lettuce leaf together with rice noodles, cucumber, tomato, put some nước chấm on it and shove it into the mouth. Yumm!

It is so much fun eating with your hands. And this kind of bbq is healthy and fresh.


phil’s bbq

After a nice walk at Sunset Cliffs in San Diego, my cousin Tony took my parents and me to the best barbeque restaurant ever: Phil’s BBQ.

We ordered a set of baby back ribs with corn-on-the-cob and potato salad as side dish and my cousin had an El Toro Sandwich. I thought it was not enough food for four people, so I ordered a portion of small fries and onion rings.

(Nope, little Panda is not edible.)

Small portion of fries? If you have an appetite of a grizzly bear! We couldn’t finish those crispy little fellows. But we finished the crispiest onion rings I have ever eaten. A bite feels like a small earthquake in your mouth. Sooo tasty. The potato salad was delicious, too. Normally I don’t like potato salad with mayo and joghurt because it feels heavy in your stomach. But Phil’s potato salad tasted fresh and light. And the ribs? It was so sooooooo tender. I think Elvis was thinking about those ribs when he sang “Love me tender”. And it was more than the word “delicious” can express!

I still dream of it.