cake fail and a lovely homemade lunch

For her birthday, my friend invited me over for lunch. Actually, she wanted to have a bbq with a few friends in a nearby park but unfortunately, the weather wasn’t that good and our friends were busy. Too bad for them – her homemade dishes are really tasty. 🙂


She made gaeng om moo and ลาบหมู laab moo. There was also a somekind of Thai-style chutney but I don’t know how it is called and how I should describe it. xD

As dessert, I brought a cake. I tried out a recipe I found on leite’s culinaria. The cake looks so savory and fluffy. But my first try was a disaster. In the recipe, it says to put glazed orange slices ontop of the cake batter and then to bake it. Somehow, my oranges drowned and the cake burned so quickly. It was still edible but it looked horrible.


I had to bake it again. This time I just put the orange slices ontop of the baked cake. It doesn’t look as delicious as on the website but it tasted good. Still, not my favorite cake to bake. xD



dani’s birthday

My friend Danielle just moved into her new apartment and celebrated her birthday a little bt with her family – and me. 🙂 Since I came to visit right after work, I brought some homemade food. At first, I didn’t know what to cook because my friend is vegetarian and I wanted to make some simple but not too boring Asian dishes.

In the end, I made fried tofu with sesame-soysauce,김밥 kimbap and fried glass noodles. Simple (maybe still boring) but delightful.

ploy’s homecooking

My friend Ploy was inviting me and her friend over for a homemade dinner. I like Ploy’s home cooking a lot. She is always so humble about it but it always is so good.

This time, she cooked fried glassnoodles, a fish soup with shitake mushrom and ginger and pan-fried vegetables.


Thanks for the food, Ploy! ❤