Besides ramen or sushi I hardly eat anything else at Japanese restaurant, I don’t know why. Finally one day , I had something else:

After visiting the final exhibition of a friend, we headed to a Japanese restaurants which serves different rice and ramen dishes. So, this time I shared  カレーライス Japanese curry rice with 唐揚げ karaage with another friend. The curry was tasty but it was a bit different than the Japanese curry I always make at home. Then again, I only use instant roux for the curry xD.

The side dishes of the menue was 味噌汁 miso soup and a green salad with a sesame-mayonnaise-dressing. Very yum!



panda onigiri

On food blogs and instagram, there are tons of pictures of かわいい 弁当 kawaii bentos. My sister once sent me a picture of an おにぎり onigiri shaped as panda asking me if I can make her such an onigiri next time she visits me. Yeah, sure! Easy peasy!

And then it turned out like this:



For the next time, I might buy an onigiri kit. XD


I already have told you about this superb ramen shop before, but evertime I go there, I can’t help myself and take more pictures of the mega delicious food. I can’t get enough.


A few days ago, I also went there with my parents. They loved it, too. ❤