It’s been a while since I posted something. I have been busy working, travelling and most importantly: eating. 😂

Today’s breakfast is bibimmyun with homemade 깍두기 kimchi radish.

My plan for this winter is to gain enough fat and go into hibernation like a bear. 😂



Besides ramen or sushi I hardly eat anything else at Japanese restaurant, I don’t know why. Finally one day , I had something else:

After visiting the final exhibition of a friend, we headed to a Japanese restaurants which serves different rice and ramen dishes. So, this time I shared  カレーライス Japanese curry rice with 唐揚げ karaage with another friend. The curry was tasty but it was a bit different than the Japanese curry I always make at home. Then again, I only use instant roux for the curry xD.

The side dishes of the menue was 味噌汁 miso soup and a green salad with a sesame-mayonnaise-dressing. Very yum!


khao piak sen

I don’t really know how to write the name of this Lao noodle soup correctly but we call it “khao piak sen”. Literally translated, it means something like “wet rice stripes “. XD

It is a noodlesoup made from a chicken broth and thick udon-like, chewy noodles consisting of tapioca and rice flour. It is a simple dish, great for cold days.

khao piak sen

I have to admit, this dish is not my favorite. Last time my sister and me went home, my mom made them since my sister was craving for them. As a yummy alternative, we also made ramen-like noodles which can be eaten with chicken broth, too. Or with a soy sauce and dark Chinese rice vinegar mixture – my favorite.


I ate this for two days straight! 🙂