o-ren-ishii part 2

With my sister coming to visit me, I was thinking about what dinner I should prepare for her. Then I came across old pictures from a lunch we had in a vietnamese restaurant:

On the plate on the upper picture is coconut-flavoured rice with fried chicken, Vietnamese pickles, bean sprout salad, hard-boiled soy egg and a peanut-curry-sauce. On the picture below is a Vietnamese rice noodle salad bowl with pork belly. Yum!

So I will be making the Vietnamese rice noodle salad for my sister! 🙂


cook-off part 2

Every year around January, my company invites their employees and good cooperation partners to a cooking event. This year, we tried out a new location. Instead of one cook, there were two starchefs supervising us. One of them was very funny and outgoing and the other one was rather serious and good-looking – good combination! 😉


As starter, we had mixed salad with steak tartare and parmesam foam. The main dish constisted of venison with three kinds of parsnip and onion-redwine-sauce. And the dessert was a deep-fried semolina dumpling with vanilla sauce, nougat ice cream and some kind of blood-orange “sandwich”.

My task was to handcut the steak tartare. It is pretty easy but it took forever to cut the veal tenderloin first into slices, then stripes and chop them into a tartare-consistency. But it was so tasty! 😉


The evening after cooking delicious spaghetti, my parents, my sister and me went out for dinner. We went to a steak restaurant in which they serve steaks from the US, Argentina and Europe as “normal”, cuts and/or dry-aged steaks.

We started with a tartar-variation of salmon, tuna and beef.


As main course, my sister and my mum had a New York-cut dry-aged steak with salad, my dad had monkfish with rosemary potatoes and I had a dry-aged bone-in rib-eye steak with pommes allumettes.


My steak was huge, it weighed 600 grams (raw). And it was sooooo good!


I don’t know how my sister and me could still manage to eat dessert but we shared a plate of mixed homemade ice creams. In the end, we were really full and happy. We even left a message for the kitchen staff as thanks. 🙂