khao koop

Or as Thais say khao tung is a deep-fried crispy rice cake. Ever heard of it? You can eat it with a (spicy) dipping sauce or as side dish or snack. Sometimes it is topped with palm sugar.


To make them, my mom mixes jasmin rice and glutinous rice (1:1) together with a little bit of water and shapes them round. Then she lets them dry in the sun for a while. When the cakes are reeeaaally dry, you can store them or deep-fry them to eat.

It is a nice alternative to shrimp chips or popcorn. 🙂


cake fail and a lovely homemade lunch

For her birthday, my friend invited me over for lunch. Actually, she wanted to have a bbq with a few friends in a nearby park but unfortunately, the weather wasn’t that good and our friends were busy. Too bad for them – her homemade dishes are really tasty. 🙂


She made gaeng om moo and ลาบหมู laab moo. There was also a somekind of Thai-style chutney but I don’t know how it is called and how I should describe it. xD

As dessert, I brought a cake. I tried out a recipe I found on leite’s culinaria. The cake looks so savory and fluffy. But my first try was a disaster. In the recipe, it says to put glazed orange slices ontop of the cake batter and then to bake it. Somehow, my oranges drowned and the cake burned so quickly. It was still edible but it looked horrible.


I had to bake it again. This time I just put the orange slices ontop of the baked cake. It doesn’t look as delicious as on the website but it tasted good. Still, not my favorite cake to bake. xD


chang thai part 2

Did I already mentioned that I moved quite close to my favorite Thai restaurant? It really comes in handy when I am too lazy to cook. 😉

Last time, I met with my Thai friends for dinner at Chang Thai – and we ate a lot.


One of my friends can’t eat too spicy (like me) so we tried to order medium-spicy dishes:  ต้มยำ soup with chicken, หมูกรอบ crispy pork belly, ลาบหมู minced pork salad, ผัดซิอิ๋ว fried rice noodles. The only dish that wasn’t spicy were the fried noodles, everything else was a bit too spicy. After a while my mouth was burning but I couldn’t stop eating, it was too delicious. Hahaha.. 🙂