about me

i love food and to cook and bake – especially for my friends and family.

when i lived with my parents i hardly cooked or baked and i have to admit that i never helped my mom much in the kitchen (sorry, mama!). she could do everything better and tastier so i never made an effort.

then i moved to another town to study and i had to no other choice but to learn the rope. there were mushy pasta and overcooked vegetables but now i am quite confident about my cooking and baking skills. of course, i have a bad day now and then and also, i am far from being a professional chef.

i run this blog as some kind of food diary and collection of recipes for my own satisfaction with no expectations of likes or readers. i still hope someone enjoys browsing through it and likes my little stories behind the food pictures.


The articles and pictures found on this blog are based on my own experiences and opinion with non-commercial purpose. External sources, e.g. pictures and recipes are marked as such.

Please do not copy any content, pictures, for commercial or non-commercial purpose without seeking my permission.