o-ren-ishii part 2

With my sister coming to visit me, I was thinking about what dinner I should prepare for her. Then I came across old pictures from a lunch we had in a vietnamese restaurant:

On the plate on the upper picture is coconut-flavoured rice with fried chicken, Vietnamese pickles, bean sprout salad, hard-boiled soy egg and a peanut-curry-sauce. On the picture below is a Vietnamese rice noodle salad bowl with pork belly. Yum!

So I will be making the Vietnamese rice noodle salad for my sister! 🙂


cake fail and a lovely homemade lunch

For her birthday, my friend invited me over for lunch. Actually, she wanted to have a bbq with a few friends in a nearby park but unfortunately, the weather wasn’t that good and our friends were busy. Too bad for them – her homemade dishes are really tasty. 🙂


She made gaeng om moo and ลาบหมู laab moo. There was also a somekind of Thai-style chutney but I don’t know how it is called and how I should describe it. xD

As dessert, I brought a cake. I tried out a recipe I found on leite’s culinaria. The cake looks so savory and fluffy. But my first try was a disaster. In the recipe, it says to put glazed orange slices ontop of the cake batter and then to bake it. Somehow, my oranges drowned and the cake burned so quickly. It was still edible but it looked horrible.


I had to bake it again. This time I just put the orange slices ontop of the baked cake. It doesn’t look as delicious as on the website but it tasted good. Still, not my favorite cake to bake. xD


o-ren ishiii

Besides cooking at home, my sister and me were also eating out. For example, we went to a modern Vietnamese restaurant which is owned by two sisters (could be my sister and me if we would be living in same city). They keep the menu small (approx. 5 dishes) and vary it daily (I think). I like that they also keep the serving amount limited. We went there in the late afternoon and three dishes were already out. On one hand, it’s too bad that you can’t try those dishes anymore but on the other hand, there is less leftovers and waste of food.

I had a spicy Vietnamese papaya salad with deep-fried fish on rice, my sister had curry-lemongrass-chicken with peanuts on rice. Both dishes were really tasty. The papaya salad tasted different from the Lao-style papaya (or carrot) salad we make at home but it was also good!