not every dish tastes great

It’s been only a month ago but I don’t remember anymore, why I went downtown with my friend. It was probably one of many (furniture) shopping sprees. Anyways, my friend and me went to a French bakery which opened a shop downtown one or two years ago. I never got to test if the new shop is as good as the one I used to go for breakfast quite often before. We just wanted to grab a light bite, so we shared a smoked salmon baguette.

The baguette was okay, although I am used to better food quality at the original shop. And better service.

Some time later, we got hungry again. The baguette was not very filling but rather expensive. So, we went to a Belgian/Dutch diner, which serves burgers and thick-cut (Belgian) frites.

My friend had a burger with braised onion and bbq sauce and I had a burger with grilled vegetables and pesto. Also, we ordered frites with two sauces as side dish. Except for the very dry buns, the burger tasted good. Compared to all the burgers I had in the past, it was only so-so.

To sum it up: meeh. A rather disappointing culinary day.


I am not completely done furnishing the new apartment and also, the new internet provider is testing my out my patience, but I am very happy about my new home. My neighbours are lovely people – and I have a real kitchen now! :)

The kitchen was great for my housewarming / birthday party. There was enough space for two people washing vegetables, frying tofu, rolling kimbap and baking cakes almost simultaneously.

Of course, the food prepared in the kitchen was delicious, too. ;)

house-foodAll of the dishes were vegetarian. For meat-lovers, I seperately grilled teriyaki-style pork chops. There was some sort of Asian-style noodle salad, green salad with tofu-sesame-dressing, fried tofu with satè sauce, sweet chili and/or sesame-soy sauce, tomato-chickpea-parsley-salad, and kimbap (no picture).

For dessert, there was fresh watermelon, strawberry cake and marble cake.

strawberry cake

The marble cake was more a “chess-cake”. It turned out well inside.. outside, I had a rather stupid idea of decorating the cake with crumbles like a blackout cake. The cake looked like a molehill. XDchess-cakeBut it was still tasty.

café paris

On our last evening together, my sister and me ate out at a French café or bistro. It is a very charming bistro, always fully-booked and due to that a little bit noisy. Next to their regular menu they also offer 3-4 specials.

I was hoping they would have mussels that evening. My sister told me so much about it that I really wanted to try them. But of course (just my luck), they didn’t have any mussels. However, my sister and me shared a tartare du chef served with baguette and fries and a entrecôte with salad and fries.

I had half of the tartare first, then half of the steak. The tartare was spiced very well, so fresh and light – very suitable as “entree” for the juicy entrecôte. I could have eaten both dishes all on my own, it was so delightful but since my sister was paying for the food, I let her have one or two bites. ;)