o-ren-ishii part 2

With my sister coming to visit me, I was thinking about what dinner I should prepare for her. Then I came across old pictures from a lunch we had in a vietnamese restaurant:

On the plate on the upper picture is coconut-flavoured rice with fried chicken, Vietnamese pickles, bean sprout salad, hard-boiled soy egg and a peanut-curry-sauce. On the picture below is a Vietnamese rice noodle salad bowl with pork belly. Yum!

So I will be making the Vietnamese rice noodle salad for my sister!:)

salad with steak or steak with salad

I found a meat shop near my apartment which sells all kinds of steak meat – beef from Argentinian/Irish/New Zealand etc., T-bone steaks, roastbeef, rib-eye, tenderloin – you name it. Of course, the meat they are selling is not cheap but I had to try some steak at least once.

I bought dry-aged filet steak from Ireland, seared it for 2 mins on each side in a pan and put it in the oven for a few minutes with twigs of fresh thyme and garlic. The meat was so tender and delicious. I didn’t take any pictures but ate it right away.๐Ÿ˜„

The next day I made a salad with the left overs. Sooo goooood!

Photo 27.07.15 21 22 44

sushi frenzy

As you know, I love sushi. I love traditional Japanese sushi and I love modern interpretations of sushi, too. One of my favorite modern-fusion sushi restaurant is located in my sister’s hometown. So, everytime I visit her I try to visit that restaurant or get some steak.

Unfortunately, it has been too long since I had that and I am craving for it right now. There was a crunchy roll with tempura shrimp, loup de mer sushi with lemon-butter-foam, spicy duck roll and I think a hot tuna roll and tuna sashimi roll.

We were very happy and full afterwards. But never too full for dessert.๐Ÿ˜„

We shared a coconut parfait “on the rocks” with passionfruit sauce and a ice cream filled crรชpe with plum.