On another day, we met my friend for lunch in the financial district of Singapore. She led us to a mall via underground passage, it was confusing for me so I lost orientation. Also, I don’t remember the name of the restaurant we went together. It was a Chinese shop which serves grilled chicken and different kinds of noodle soups.


My friend and my sister ordered wonton noodlesoup (forgot to take a picture), my father and me shared some vegetables and grilled chicken. As for dessert, I shared chengdol, shaved ice with coconut milk, grass jelly, sweet red beans, palm sugar and food colouring, with my friend and sister. The chengdol was so refreshing.


As already mentioned, we mostly ate at foodcourts in Singapore to try different kinds of food-styles. Here is just a small selection of what we ate every day. :)


malaysian streetfood

For dinner, we met with my friend who works and lives in Singapore for years now. She brought us to a Malaysian streetfood restaurant and she ordered mixed dishes for us.

Unfortunately, I forgot the names of the dishes. There was fried tofu with sweet soy sauce, chili fish, vegetable curry, curry chicken and chili sauce.

The mountain of fried tofu was so tasty. They probably fried small pieces of tofu, put them all together into an beaten egg and shaped them into this mountain and fried it again. Yummy!