dairy-free tarte flambee

You probably already know about my friend who is allergic to cow milk. Because of her allergy she cannot eat so many things like vanilla ice cream or some kinds of cakes or cupcakes and milk chocolate. Also, there are so many groceries you wouldn’t even suspect milk in it – but still contain milk powder.

As we ate together at the French-Alsatian restaurant, she could only eat salad because almost most of the dish contained cheese or creme fraiche. Especially the tarte flambee which she actually is fond of. So one day, I bought pre-made dairy-free tarte flambee dough and tried to make it at home using soy joghurt instead of creme fraiche. I didn’t think it would really work or rather taste good but it did!


After sucessfully trying it out, I invited my friend over and we made dairy-free tarte flambee together. :)

baby shower

For her baby shower, my friends told me she would bake a cake, macarons and cronuts. Her in-laws also brought homemade cakes for the party. In the end there five different cakes, a lemon cake roll, churros, red velvet cupcakes and macarons.


I especially loved the Philippine cake with ube (cake in front). Aaaand no cronuts!

I complaint and whined a bit (jokingly) and a few days later she made cronuts and called me over to pick up my share. <3


They were really tasty! Thank you, Stuggi!


The name always reminds me on Malibou and Baywatch. xD
Anyways, my sister brought me a chocolate bar by Marabou and it was so good!


I love the combination chocolate and oranges. At christmas, I always make chocolate-dipped candied orange peels. And the chocolate bar also had caramel brittles in it. Perfect!